Nutrition & Fitness Harmony, LLC

    Our Mission
    To educate, counsel, and coach on diverse topics based on current scientific and psycho-social
    therapies in an effort to preserve and improve human life

    Our Vision
    To become a renowned holistic wellness leader who assist in  empowering people and
    communities to live balanced lives

    Our Mottos:
    Nutrition Division: "Helping ordinary people achieve wellness everyday”
    Harmony Division: "Flourishing Minds, Healthful Bodies"
Nutrition & Fitness Harmony, LLC was originally formed as a sole proprietorship
in 2001 solely focusing on the Nutrition and Fitness services.  Currently, our
company has evolved to include our Harmony services.

The name of our company, Nutrition & Fitness Harmony, is derived from our
professional and personal belief that our bodies are meant to be well taken care of.

Hence, the name
  • Nutrition (representing healthy eating),
  • Fitness (representing physical training), and
  • Harmony (representing psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being).  

It is our hope that all who visit Nutrition and Fitness Harmony, LLC website will be
inspired to invest holistically in their mind, body, and spirit by engaging in one of our
services that meets your specific need.

We look forward to meeting you soon!
Telephone Contact (678) 658-6206
P. O. Box 2837
Covington, Georgia 30015
This website is informational and is not intended to be in lieu of receiving professional medical or mental health
services.  If you are in a crisis, dial 911 or proceed to your nearest emergency room.