REAL Life Coaching
This is a focused and inspiring change program.  REAL stands for Ready to
Excel At Life. Life coaching helps you work on areas that bring more balance
and fulfillment into your life. You may work to improve aspects of your life
such as stress management, self-esteem, time management, organizational
skills, goal-setting, work/life balance, career aspirations (resume building,
starting a business, etc.), educational planning, and interpersonal skills.

We will explore your strengths, likes, interests, and what you see as possible
in regard to creating and self-managing a healthier lifestyle. We will work
together to identify specific goals you would like to accomplish in your life.
We will spend time creating an action plan and will use your strengths to
develop creative interventions to reach your target goals.

You will learn how to decrease self-defeating thoughts and behaviors for the
long term and to increase positive change to help you live and harvest a
healthy whole self with balance and success in your life!   

Cost: The cost is $75 for each hourly session of Life Coaching.  There is an
initial assessment to begin with for $100.  An extension of time in the program
is flexible and may be considered.

These services are
all offered online! Use your computer or smart phone to
connect to HIPAA secured technology for face to face video conferencing.

Let's work together to find positive solutions!  My goal is your

It always seems impossible until it's done.
-Nelson Mandela
Nutrition & Fitness Harmony, LLC
Harmony Division
"Flourishing Minds, Healthful Bodies"
This website is informational and is not intended to be in lieu of receiving professional medical or mental health
services.  If you are in a crisis, dial 911 or proceed to your nearest emergency room.
Telephone Contact (678) 658-6206
P. O. Box 2837
Covington, Georgia 30015


Tele-mental Health is a unique way to receive therapy and counseling
online.  You will use state of the art technology while maintaining HIPAA
compliant security. We will meet in a comfortable, safe and confidential
environment. You will access sessions by receiving a link in your email and
clicking on the private link. The technology is easy to use and we have
support staff to help you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for your comfort.
You won't have to fight or be concerned about traffic and can access your
therapist from you home, work office, or any place of convenience for you to

My area of specialty is working with adult women who experience
depressive and anxiety disorders; women with relationship and/or marital
issues; life transition concerns (i.e. persons with disabilities and health
issues; going back to school; coping with a new birth; infertility issues;
postpartum depression, losing a job, starting a business, etc.).  I am here and
willing to help your through your journey. I also work with both men and
women in health/wellness
online groups with our dietitian as we seek to
improve and increase your health & wellness life style. These groups are
small and personable in nature with 10-12 persons per group.

I am dedicated to collaborating with you in enhancing and/or restoring your
life capacity for functioning and excelling. Some theories I ascribe to are as
follows: the strengths-based perspective as a foundation to build resiliency
and personal resources; solution focused therapy targeting change rather
than deficits; cognitive behavior therapy as a hands-on goal oriented
approach to problem solving, and
I am also open to utilization of
spiritual principles to work holistically with clients upon request.

90 minutes Full Clinical Assessments $120.00

What you can expect? A time for your therapist to ask questions to get to
know you. After this time we are ready to discuss what in particular you would
like to work on as a client.  This process is very crucial is assessing and
understanding what areas of your life are the most important to you to
address in therapy. From the beginning we will work together addressing
issues from a strengths based perspective.

50 minutes Follow up Sessions $80.00

We will plan and work collaboratively on your top 1-3 goals in counseling. We
will develop strategies to successfully address your concerns.  You will gain
more insight on how to better cope with pressing issues. I will provide as
many resources as possible that are applicable to helping you build positive
outcomes. We will grow in professional rapport which is important for building
a healthy therapeutic relationship and also in addressing your goals.

Let's meet for a telephone consultation.  I would love to hear from you today.
Email me at or call me at the office at

Low Cost Clinical Supervision

Supervision generally has two major objectives. The first is case
management, which includes understanding of the patient/client in her or his
situation and planning strategies for intervention. The second objective is to
develop clinically the knowledge and skills of the worker”.

Cost:   $45 per hour of Clinical Group Supervision.

$60 per hour of Clinical Individual Supervision.

Online Option: I am available for TeleMental Health Supervision (Per
Rule 135-11-.01 (a) 7 means the delivery of supervision via technology-
assisted media by a supervisor at one site while the supervisee is
located at a distance site.

Participants: 1-2 persons is considered individual supervision and
3 or more is considered group supervision.

Counseling for Women Impacted by Infertility
According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) the number
of women ages 15-44 with impaired fecundity (impaired ability to get pregnant
or carry a baby to term) is 6.7 million and the number of married women ages
15-44 that are infertile is 1.5 million in the U.S. Infertility is indiscriminate. It
varies in length of time. Its experiences are unique and similar per individual.  
Read more..
Determining a good fit is crucial in the clinical supervisee/supervisor
relationship.  Let's have a 10- minute conversation on what are your goals
and/or expectations of supervision and what clients are you currently serving.
Email at to schedule a time.
$100 Coaching