Behavioral Health Assessment &
Counseling for Women Impacted by Infertility
Do you experience anxiety, sadness, or even depression? Do you have  a
healthy support system? Would you like to use spirituality in therapy? Do you
feel unintentional or intentional pressure from family and/or friends?  Do you
suffer quietly? Do you feel shame within and privately? Do you feel frustrated
beyond repair? Are you anxious with racing thoughts? Is your sleep disturbed?
You are not alone. Come and get one on one help in a pleasant and
comfortable online environment.  Get the support you need to possibly have
more positive outcomes and to increase thriving- while decreasing just
surviving. In our time together we may focus on spiritual perspectives,
cognitive behavior therapy, strengths perspective, and crisis interventions to
name a few.  Of course what interventions in therapy we use, will greatly
depend on your specific needs and goals in our sessions. Come and
experience times to find strength and get mental, spiritual, and emotional
support during this time of your life. Let's work together to create a plan to
help reduce your stress and depressive/anxiety symptoms.

I am eager to collaborate with you in enhancing and/or restoring your life to a
better balance.  "A study by researchers at the National Institutes of Health
and the University of Oxford supports the widespread belief that stress may
reduce a woman's chance of becoming pregnant. The study is the first of its
kind to document, among women without a history of fertility problems, an
association between high levels of a substance indicative of stress and a
reduced chance of becoming pregnant" (
National Institutes of Health, August
11, 2010, NIH study indicates stress may delay women getting pregnant,
Retrieved from)                  

Dr. Buck Louis added that "It has been suggested that stress may increase
with the disappointment of several failed attempts at getting pregnant, setting
off a cycle in which pregnancy becomes even more difficult to achieve".

The current findings also suggest the need for finding appropriate ways to
help women alleviate stress while trying to conceive.

Allow me as your psychotherapist to be apart of your team of strength and
support in your journey as you face your challenges. I invite you to schedule
an assessment today. After we meet for your assessment, we will have
50-minute follow up times weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly dependent upon your
personal needs.  For easy access anywhere in the state of Georgia, we will
connect face to face via a secure video conferencing connection from the
comfort of where you choose to meet.  
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This website is informational and is not intended to be in lieu of receiving professional medical or mental health
services.  If you are in a crisis, dial 911 or proceed to your nearest emergency room.
Telephone Contact (678) 658-6206
P. O. Box 2837
Covington, Georgia 30015
In your initial 90 minutes full assessment for
therapy we will examine many areas of your life to
determine what will be our focused goals for

Cost: $120.00

Follow-up sessions are 50 minutes we will work
on together objectives in your treatment plan.
Cost: $75
***Offered Online as Tele-mental Health Therapy