Abdul K. Lindsay,  MScFT, RD, LD, CPT is a Registered Dietitian with the American
Dietetic Association
, and licensed in the State of Georgia to teach nutrition.  He is a Certified
Personal Trainer who has a
specialized certificate of training in Adult Weight Management.  
Additional certifications currently held include being certified as a
School Nutrition Director within
the state of Georgia, H.A.C.C.P-certified via the University of Georgia, and
ServSafe Instructor-

He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Florida State University’s well renowned
nutrition & fitness dietetic program. This dietetic program is known for assisting top-level collegiate
student athletes in becoming modern-day professional athletes as well as producing highly sought
after dietetic students.  

He is also an alumni of the University of Georgia with his Master of Food Science Technology
degree. As both a land and sea grant university, UGA is active in research and promotion of
agricultural and sea-based programs.  

In addition, Mr. Lindsay has been an active member in numerous professional organizations such
as the Dietetic & School Nutrition Associations both locally and nationally as well as the Institute of
Food Technologists.

He has over 2
5 years of professional work experience where he has worked as the following:

  • Community Nutritionist with both Florida & North Carolina State Health Departments whereby
    he served as a Nutritionist for the nationally recognized Women, Infants, and Children
    pediatric nutrition program, and with a Federally issued Food Stamp Nutrition Education
    grant at the Palm Beach & Durham Counties Health Departments, respectively

  • Administrative Dietitian at the Florida State Hospital & Psychiatric prisons; as a Clinical
    Nutrition Manager at Grady Memorial Hospital/Crestview Medical & Nursing facilities; at the
    William Breman Jewish Nursing Home in the Metro Atlanta area from 2001-04; at Georgia
    War Veterans Home respectively

  • Executive Director of the McDuffie County School & Community Nutrition Services'
    Department which consist of a staff over 40 persons.  As the School Nutrition Director, he
    served on the Superintendent's leadership team as he provided supervision in administering
    the District's child nutrition program services totaling in the millions of dollars

  • Chief, Nutrition & WIC Program for the State of Georgia's Department of Community Health
    Division of Public Health

  • Currently he serves as a Director of School Nutrition in a local school district. He also works
    as a part-time nutrition and fitness consultant through his private practice, Nutrition and
    Fitness Harmony, LLC; He is also a JuicePlus distributor www.al08986.juiceplus.com

  • In his spare time he enjoys working out, grilling, research on nutrition issues and anything
    about Honda vehicles, watching basketball and movies with his wife, fishing, bible trivia and
    is actively engaged in his church.
Henrietta Lindsay, MSW, LCSW is dedicated to enhancing and/or restoring your life
capacity for functioning in our community – one person at a time. She is a licensed clinical social
worker licensed to provide services in the State of Georgia.  Henrietta believes that seeking out
therapy is a healthy, normal experience that all should embrace without shame. Henrietta also
specializes in using spiritual concepts to improve treatment outcomes upon request.

Her therapeutic approach is non-judgmental, client-centered and strengths based. She seeks to
form a collaborative, therapeutic relationship with clients, allowing them a safe space to explore and
gain understanding about obstacles to personal growth. She wants active participation from clients,
and believes that incorporating “common sense” with well-grounded spirituality produces the best
results. She hopes to provide empathic support and feedback to ultimately empower clients to set
realistic goals and make necessary lasting changes.

Henrietta received her Bachelor’s of Art at Florida State University with double major in Multi-
lingual/Multi-cultural  & French Education.  She went on and also received her Master’s in Social
Work from the University of Georgia.

She has several years of professional work experience where she has worked as the following:

  • Middle & High school foreign language teacher, Adjunct Faculty teaching MSW graduate

  • Non-profit organizations: Juvenile Justice Institute in Durham, NC; Center for Environmental
    Studies in Palm Beach, FL

  • Experiences in Higher Education: Admissions Counselor, Academic Advisor, Data Analyst,
    and Administrative Assistant

  • Counseling experiences as a Disability Coordinator serving adults with chronic illnesses,
    learning disorders, psychological disorders, visual and hearing impairments as well as
    persons with mobility issues. She gained extensive knowledge and application of the
    American’s with Disabilities Act, technologies to serve persons with disabilities and life
    transition pressures; served at the University of Georgia's campus in Athens and the former
    Georgia Perimeter's College in Covington.

  • Mental Health Therapist in a community mental health setting serving adults with severe
    psychological disorders, substance abuse issues, as well as serving Veteran’s and gaining
    extensive training and experience in behavioral health assessment (being apart of the Master
    Assessment Team), anger management issues, crisis counseling and depressive and anxiety

  • She also spent a year interning with the Georgia Firefighter’s Burn Foundation managing
    and growing programs that impact burn survivors in Georgia and 15 weeks with Families
    First, Inc a non-profit family service agency doing group and individual work with teen parents
    in transition

  • Currently she is in private practice with Nutrition and Fitness Harmony, LLC , and serves as a
    social work online adjunct instructor.

  • In her spare time she enjoys going to the beach, watching movies with her husband, reading  
    books, exercising, cooking/finding new recipes, and is actively engaged in her church.
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