Restoring harmony through nutrition, fitness, and mental health therapies.

Nutrition & Fitness Harmony, LLC

Nutrition and Fitness Harmony, LLC was originally formed as a sole proprietorship in 2001 and solely focused on nutrition and fitness services. Since its inception, our company has evolved since 2013 to include Harmony Division services. The name of our company, Nutrition & Fitness Harmony, LLC is derived from our professional and personal beliefs that our bodies are sacred sanctuaries that are meant to be maintained in optimum health. 
Hence, the name, 

  • Nutrition (representing healthy eating),
  • Fitness (representing physical training), and
  • Harmony (representing psychological well-being).

It is our hope that all who visit our website will be inspired to invest holistically in their health which includes mind, body, and spirit by engaging in one of our services that meet your specific need(s).

We look forward to meeting you soon!

nutrition & Fitness Harmony, LLC

Our Mission

To educate, counsel, and coach on diverse topics based upon current scientific research in an effort to preserve and improve human life.

Our Vision

To become renowned holistic wellness leaders who facilitate empowerment of people and communities to live balanced lives.

Our Mottos

Nutrition & Fitness Division: "Helping ordinary people achieve wellness everyday"

Harmony Division: "Flourishing Minds, Inner Peace"

REstore balance

We believe in building rapport that leads to change. Contact us today!

Upcoming Services! NFH Online Courses

For busy people with busy schedules. Connect on your own time anywhere in the world! Courses will be geared towards anyone wanting to learn and some will be approved for CEU’s! Come back and visit soon.